Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2016

Introducing-Good Earth Quilting

Hi everyone!

I'm so pleased to be able to post with all of you.  Think of me as a new comer to EPP because while I'm quite involved with crazy quilting, I do love EPP too. But have yet to do a major project in EPP.

I'm Caroline from Victoria, B.C. Canada.

I'm making a bunch of new pin cushions to give away to my students at my workshop next spring at

I started playing around with stitching when just a wee girl when my mother taught me how to do beginner embroidery.

I fell in love with Crazy Quilts so long ago, I don't really have a clear memory of when it was. But my inner quest to make another crazy quilt began a series of crazy quilt blocks that seemed to take on a life of their own. I have begun writing an e-books that I hope will be finished in 2017.

I have made only one Halloween quilt, the one in the photo below.

I finished my "Bat Girl Goes Out" in 2015 and really happy with it. I hand embroidered the spider and the web. If you look closely, the center Hexie block is another antique block that I did improv peicing around it. I love to do my very improv border on quilts. I have so many books to write

I have lived near First Nations my whole life in B.C. and Alberta. The truth and reconciliation process that we Canadians have been going through has begun a good process of change. I was welcomed by these women of Hazelton, B.C. who laugh and joke about as we made our projects. I was a really fun time to have experienced.

I now know how to make moccasins. 

If you wish to have a pair of moccasins made, email me!
Beading is a special thing I also love to do and with this first pair two years ago. I've got my eye on more moccasins. Stay tuned!

My good friend Myrtle, she is fourth from the right side of photo.

In 2013 I delivered a finished wall quilt to celebrate the Town of Smithers 2013 Centennial. Eighteen months earlier I had begun making this one of a kind textile art was exhilarating. I was finally finished and this quilt is going to make an appearance at a mysterious location next year. Five local artists submitted their paintings to me and I had those images professionally transferred them to fabric.

I'm keeping that one sort of quiet! 

I envisioned seeing pieces of local art suspended against a crisp cold winter night of white snow. Heather at the Chamber Of Commerce suggested I should make a train coming around a corner snow flying as it goes by. Hence, the train became a part of this special quilt.

My constant companion is Rusty our Shepard/Labrador cross.

 The photo above shows antique Hexie blocks that I hand appliqued to my background blocks, these later became a table runner.

I made the crazy quilt above. " Silver Linings Crazy Quilt" won 1st prize at IPM  Quilt Show in Ontario, Canada in 2004.
It was the first time I entered a show for anything. I focused on using up labels from clothing, used clothing and a pair of drapes for the border. 

I love to participate with online blog challenges and this series of blocks are for the 365 Circles. I have 219 so far and the year is quickly coming to an end.

Please say "hello" in a comment. I want to learn more about how to do more complex EPP. 

 I love to hear from readers around the world.

Keep quilting! 


  1. Welcome and greetings to Canada.
    Thanks for the photos(i will make them a little bit smaller).
    Happy stitching with a lot of wonderful ladies.


  2. Hello,welcome and happy stitching Martina

  3. Hello,welcome and happy stitching Martina

  4. Hello, welcome and waving greetings from Hamburg. Nice photos you showed to us. Thanks.


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